The Secret Within

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  1. The Secret Within
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He discusses the problem of possible differences between male and female spirituality and the movement of popularizing mysticism in the late Middle Ages. Filled with fresh insights, The Secret Within will be welcomed especially by teachers and students of medieval literature as well as by those engaged in historical, theological, philosophical, cultural, even anthropological and comparative studies of mysticism. Richard Rolle of Hampole: Translated by Charity Scott-Stokes.

It has been a great pleasure to read this book.

The Secret Within

The translation is graceful, and the physical, editorial, and typographical makeup of the book reflects the high standards of the press. Considering the ever-decreasing attention non-English publications receive in Anglo-American scholarship, the translation of Riehle's important book into English will ensure that it gets the recognition it deserves. A sensitive and subtle book Although The Secret Within is centered on familiar writers and works, Riehle's approach to them gives them new freshness His detailed, subtle, and dense readings serve to remind us how rich these texts are and how fully they repay constant study.

Title The Secret Within.

Publisher Cornell University Press. Through personal stories, probing questions, and practical wisdom, Annemarie Postma takes spirituality out of the clouds and brings it within our reach.

In her own no-nonsense style, she shows us a way to live a truly spiritual life with our feet on the ground. It enriches our spiritual wisdom in a very clear, practical, and down-to-earth manner.

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Therefore, a book for everyone and anyone who wants to make spirituality a part of their regular everyday lives. Annemarie Postma was born in the Netherlands in Partially paralysed as a result of an untreated tick bite in childhood, she studied law, but became the first professional model in Europe with a disability, appearing in Playboy in In demand on TV talk shows at home and internationally, she has since become a well-known campaigner and writer with a special interest in self-esteem and self-respect.