Creating Abundance With Feng Shui

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    Now, in this practical, step-by-step guide, Lillian Too--one of the world's most respected practitioners of feng shui-- demonstrates how you can transform every aspect of your life, including - Relationships: Exercises and interior arrangements to enhance your yang energy--and activate the energies of love and marriage - Family life: Protecting the breadwinner, promoting conception, energizing your children's good fortune - Health: Yin-yang bedroom therapy to promote the powerful healing benefits of sheng chi--and ward off disease - Recognition: Attracting the luck of good reputation, deflecting the negative energy of deadly shar chi - Personal growth and self-image: Bolstering your personal chi through chi kung exercises, crystals, and the potent Pa Kua Lo Shu compass formula - Success: Creating an auspicious front door, a lucky bedroom, a prosperous office, a good-fortune desk, and a good bottom line This comprehensive guide--filled with hundreds of proven formulas and strategies as well as helpful meditations and mantras--makes feng shui easy and fun.

    Lillian received her MBA from Harvard Business School and at first pursued a very successful corporate career in banking and finance. Following a distinguished career in these fields she retired to become a full time mother and writer.

    Since then Lillian has become a much loved author famed for simplifying Feng Shui and popularizing this living skill. Their are eight types of abundance that make life meaningful.

    • In Feng Shui, abundance stems from gratitude.;
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    This book shows you how to find them. It also offers visualisations, mantras, meditations and other practical