Recovering the Self: Morality and Social Theory

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Identities are not "freely chosen" but involve a coming to terms with histories of class, race and gender. Critical of postmodern theories in which anyhting goes and in which everything you see is relative, this book is concerned with the reassertion of value and recovering a viable tradition in which we can again explore issues of freedom and social justice. Our discussions have turned increasingly esoteric as they have sheltered in an intellectual cage which has been difficult to enter. This book seeks to open-up the cage and re-establish the suspended conversation between social theory and the concerns of everyday life.

Modernity morality and social theory. Morality and Social Theory Victor J. Tales of the City: Modernity morality and politics. Public concern is whipped up only for the purpose of being soothed, which produces not panic but the opposite, comfort and complacency. Echoing another point Hall makes, the sociologists Thompson and Williams argue that the concept of 'moral panic' is not a rational response to the phenomenon of social reaction, but itself a product of the irrational middle-class fear of the imagined working-class 'mob'.

Using as an example a peaceful and lawful protest staged by local mothers against the re-housing of sex-offenders on their estate, Thompson and Williams show how the sensationalist demonization of the protesters by moral panic theorists and the liberal press was just as irrational as the demonization of the sex offenders by the protesters and the tabloid press.

Many sociologists and criminologists Ungar, Hier, Rohloff have revised Cohen's original framework.

Recovering the Self: Morality and Social Theory - Victor J. Seidler - Google Книги

The revisions are compatible with the way in which Cohen theorizes panics in the third Introduction to Folk Devils and Moral Panics. The term was used in , in a way that completely differs from its modern social science application, by a religious magazine [54] regarding a sermon.

A Rant Against Morality - Very Foundational

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Recovering the Self - Morality and Social Theory (Paperback, New)

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Moral Safety

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Moral panic

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Moral panic, moral regulation and liberal government". Cox asserted that regeneration of the soul should be an active process, and stated: To paralyze the soul, or to strike it through with a moral panic is not regeneration.

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Regeneration and the manner of its occurrence". The Biblical Repertory and Theological Review.

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