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  1. How to Analyze Our Dream of Magic
  2. Source of the Magical Powers in Our Dream
  3. ‘The Magicians’ 1× The Asylum Episode That Brings Us Nowhere Fast | | Observer

There are many different types of magic. The meaning of our dream, will in large part depend on the type of magic within it. Exercising positive magic on others, indicates that we want to help, or give them support during a difficult time. Performing magic on ourselves signifies transformation, and a sign of better things to come.

If we are using sorcery, it signals confidence in our own powers and abilities.

Alternatively, it may capture our wish to easily dispose of our current problems without any true effort or heartache. People we know Friends performing dream magic on us, implies a good support system from the people around us, as well as positive outcomes for our future. On the other hand, sorcery or darker magics indicate the existence of enemies, or possible impediments to our future goals. We may have an unfriendly or overly competitive workplace; we may be having difficulties with a group of bullies; or we may fear betrayal from someone we know.

Stranger Watching a magician signals pleasant future surprises, profitable returns, or an interest in higher education. An encounter with a dark but unknown dream wizard indicates a worry for our own safety or security, fear of being stalked, or otherwise targeted by an unknown assailant.

We may also be overwhelmed with negative encounters from an online bully. However, learning black magic may be a warning against vanity, arrogance, pride, or sinful temptation. We may be heedless of others, in our quest to achieve power and fulfill our own selfish goals. Transformed into a wizard If we are magically transformed into a wizard in our dream, then we yearn for strength, power, and confidence.

If we are transformed into a dark sorcerer or witch, we may harbor sinful thoughts, or feel tainted and guilty for past actions. If we are transformed into a dark sorcerer, we may harbor sinful thoughts, or feel tainted and guilty for past actions.

How to Analyze Our Dream of Magic

Given a magical object If our magic power is attained from an object that is given to us, then we may be expecting a promotion, a proposal, or some other good fortune. The type of magical object will also be significant. For example, an apple suggests love and temptation. We may be entering into a new and passionate relationship, or we may be thinking about cheating on our spouse. Found a magical object If we find a magical object in our dream, then we may need to go on a physical or spiritual journey to discover our own strength and power.

A loss of magic, suggests that we feel overwhelmed with our current situation, and may not have the resources to address upcoming difficulties. Alternatively, we may feel depleted, and not be ready or willing to face a recent traumatic event. Failure to perform magic reveals a lack of self-confidence, and a fear of not meeting the expectations of others, or fulfilling our promises.

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We need to start believing in ourselves again, understand and identify our strengths, as well as stop pretending to be somebody that we are not. What does it mean when we dream of angels? Are our dream angels real? Here, we consider how to interpret our angel dreams and unravel the message within. We frequently dream of water, because water is such an important part of our lives. Here, we consider how to interpret our dreams about water by analyzing its cultural symbolism, and how that relates to our emotions and actions.

When we dream of tattoos, it symbolizes self-expression, permanence, creativity, or transformation. By attending to the visual appearance, position, frequency, and more of our dream tattoos, we can reveal the deeper meaning of our dream. I had a dream where I was sitting down.

Source of the Magical Powers in Our Dream

And my power I did was focused on shutting a door and locking it. And after I did my special power I was very happy about it. What does that mean for me. I had a dream that a lady was in my house and my son keep saying in the dream mom this lady in my room so finally I ran out of the room and saw her and I touched her she turn around and she clearly was a dead lady and i was scared so I ran in the room and I woke up I was scared to go back to sleep I kelp feeling like something was in my house.

I finally fell back asleep and the the lady was back in my dream and she said I would keep having these dreams until I accepted my powers. What does this dream mean or was it just a nightmare. I had a dream last night in which I was a full blown confident witch.

I was in an apartment room not my place but someone elses It looked like a place where you get a massage treatment, low lights, etc.

‘The Magicians’ 1× The Asylum Episode That Brings Us Nowhere Fast | | Observer

My sisters girls in the coven, not actual sisters of blood were these younger girls 2 of them and they were going to use a dimension type of spell to go to a certain place to rescue one of our kind. One of the witches seemed quite contrary to what I had to say. I ignored her remarks.

That girl laid on the massage table and the other one hugging her, as they were doing the incantation. As they were saying the incantation which im sure was latin based I set a protection spell on that one laying on the table and told her, this was the same protection I had set on myself long time ago when I had to go to that dark place, she smiled back at me and thanked me with fear but comfort that she is protected. I told them both to come back safe and be careful. They both vanished into the massage like table and the lights flicked around the room and everything got slightly brighter. Not once in the dream did I feel any kid of negativity..

I had never met these girls in my life waking life , And I have never had a dream like this. It all felt natural and not even the least bit scary to me. Ive looked up on dream dictionaries and they all have a contradiction, being negative or slightly positive. It doesnt go well with this dream at all because I never felt unpleasant or manipulated, just very sure of myself. I had a dream last night that there was this art place I went to and I was drawn to a object of a lady with a sword the sword facing down and the lady was in a blue robe I grabbed it to tell the lady I was drawn to it and she said oh this is bad you are now cursed and nothing can rid the curse you will fall sick and when you do she will feast on your energy then later I saw a vision of my body and she wasnt only feasting on my energy in that vision but my skin was slowly evaporating like she wasnt eating my skin but she was draining it and it turned white and thinner I have ocd so I had a bad thought of giving my heart to her which id never do but I am a bit cray cray lol so does this mean anything or is it just a crazy dream?

I have had several different dreams throuought my life all of which have had a woman dressed all in black with a black veil covering her face. One of which has already come to pass, one was in a graveyard and i was kneeling at the graves of my mother and brothers, one where i was in a building that was in ruin and there was this creature licking the flesh off of a woman i raised my hand spoke and the creature vanished, i was then transported to a battlefield and i was crouched behind a wall a hawk flew over head; turned into an owl, dropped a scroll into my lap and when i unrolled it to read it i woke up.

Another such time i was in a trailer house and there were all these creatures flying about outside well i went outside and just as i walked out a family member was taken i opened a rather large and thick book and began reading something from it then i awoke. I had a dream i was in this semi suburban place…could have been a park…. There were people who were leaving until a flash of white light ripped through a tree and blinded me for a second, when i look down i had a huge cut below my ribcage and started bleeding out.

He said he didnt know what to do so i told him to call someone. I was angry and panicked and i reached for him to which he moved back until i pointed towards his body and made a line motion down his ribcage. Suddently i had no more injury and he sputtered and fell on the ground with blood coming out of a fresh injury that had once been mine.

I picked him up and carried him into the closest building which was dark. Then he disappeared from my arms as soon as i tried to put him down. I had a dream where I was in a field and went through a magic portal. Then I was sent to a magical school where the friends that betrayed me irl where and they told me that a great wizard was awaiting me at the top of the tower. I definitely think the power already exists within you.

You just need to go after that dirty magician and get rid of him once and for all. It is your dream after all, not his. The hardest part is believing in yourself but you will, and end his terrible reign. I had a dream I was in an island where a monk was doing an incantation to a girl and the girl was behaving in an abnormal way. Hi,just call me Jana. Earlier at dawn,I had a dream about me making magic but it is not the type of magic that comes from me. At those times,I was holding an old big dark brown book,it looks creepy.

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  • Who is Performing Magic in Our Dream!

In my dream,we were chased by two persons and they were wearing black.. And I was opening the book and I chant the spells that were written on the book. And after I chant the spell,I point the direction of the two guys that chasing us then they vanished after I hit them with the unfamiliar white power that came from the spell that I chanted.. Ahm,I am seeking for a meaning of my dream with this. Hopefully,somebody can advice me about this. Thank you for reading..

I hope I can find a meaning. I was in a limo and there were 2 magicians or something like that. Then I was having some kind of flashback where a magician died cuz of thinking about a safe zone. For some reason I remember this dream pretty well. Please tell me what is the meaning of all this. I was living at this wonderful spiritual house. Very modern on a sloped wooded property.

The front is one story and the front looks like a train station where many people can be dropped off or picked up. When they arrive, the Quinn house is in full-on Roman orgy mode, literally. Just really, really high. Turns out, she has. She heads to the apartment of someone she had a fling with, and he has a non-speaking golem version of Margot on hand. Meanwhile Penny is still trying to escape from the Neitherlands, and has discovered a vast library beneath the fountains. Back with Julia, she and Kady have mended the fences, and have begun crash-learning twelve new magical spells to help with the group effort.

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